Welcome To Newsroom of the Indian Reformation Summit!

Here, our Journalists and International Press members shall do their very best to give you latest updates on the functioning of various committees, along with exciting interviews, press conferences, and many more!

Our Articles:

“It’s Not Right to say ACAB” says Representation of Madhya Pradesh

The Ministry of Home Affairs was interviewed during their 3rd committee session to gain insight on the issue and personal opinions of the members. Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh didn’t answer when asked about what their local government is doing in light of recent events, to say the least it seemed that it could have… Continue reading “It’s Not Right to say ACAB” says Representation of Madhya Pradesh

Employment in Times of Uncertainty

In a one-on-one conversation with the delegates of the Labour and Employment Ministry and their chair, similar attitudes have been reflected. While the chair presides over the committee and speaks highly of all her delegates, the internal environment, is a little diverted. With contradicting opinions and opposing state policies, the members of this committee have… Continue reading Employment in Times of Uncertainty

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